About us



4-Belt has a 30-year long specific experience in the extrusion of thermoplastic profiles.

We only uses a 100% pure TpU polymer and special modified PVC/NBR, a certified material especially designed for extrusion and perfectly compliant with the regulations required in the various fields of application such as FDA/EC regulations in the food field.

We manufacture our belts by extrusion process. Everything starts from specific treatments on the thermoplastic compound which are essential for the subsequent obtainment of an extruded profile with the typical physical-mechanical characteristics of the product; then, the treated polymer is pneumatically carried inside an extrusion plant and in the end it is extruded on production lines.

The manufacturing process of polyurethane is very sophisticated, and only if it is performed correctly, the obtained products are perfectly compliant with the technical data sheets and are able to meet the customer’s application requirements.

Aesthetically, it is not possible to recognize incorrectly machined products, the differences, even if they are remarkable, will just be noticeable after some time, detrimentally affecting the mechanical characteristics and duration of profiles.

4-belt develops the entire process in its plant, from the creation of engineering polymers, to their control through compliance testing, to the in-line manufacturing of profiles, to the packaging and delivery to the final user.

We have 20 extrusion lines, calendaring lines and specific plants for belts cogging, for bonding with different polymers and for welding by measure.

Our 2 engineering polymer compounding plants also make us extremely flexible in the production of specific materials as requested by the customer, from the request for special colours with RAL, Pantone or sample reference, to the production of special blends of polymers with particular functions and properties.

Our engineering department and our workshop also allow us to quickly design and manufacture specific equipment based on drawing for new profiles, a paper sketch of the customer is enough for us to start a new project.