Case History

Custom Profiles

Extruded profiles by customers drawing, special compound TPU,TPE,PVC for different applications, also reinforced with Aramid or polyesther fibers.

Marble Machinery Profiles

Extruded profiles for applicationon on multiwire saws for marble processing, high abrasion resitant special “long life” modified TPU.

Special Cleats

Different cleats in PVC/NBR or TPU for personalized applications on conveyor belts.

Round and V endless belts

Internal department for production and packaging of endless Round and V belts simply by customers drawings.

Skirting Edge for Conveyor belts

Skirting edges in super soft TPU, in PVC Shore A 48 in different colors or in TPE, now all profiles and materials available in Metal Detectable version.

Special “T” profiles for Packaging Machines

Different kind and shape of “T shaped” PU profiles for application in packaging machinery or for rolls movimentation, available in smooth or textured version.

Mesh TPU Edges

Mesh full plastic conveyor belts complete with edges and/or tracking guides.

Elastic Belts

Complete range of elastic belt produced with rubber, paraffin or antistatic materials, endless version or open version with easy hook replacement.